Marturia’s Introduction to Self Publishing

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In our inaugural 2019 blog post we will go over the basic steps needed to self publish your book. Attention to details, such as story content, editing, and cover art are paramount. However, the logistics are equally important; marketing, finding a printer, and ultimately selling your book. Looking at everything that goes into self publishing your book can be overwhelming; at Marturia, we are here to help you every step of the way.

Obviously, the first step in self publishing is to have a book. Writing a rough draft is a time consuming adventure. Getting feedback about your story and characters is important and can offer some much needed perspective. Beta readers are an excellent resource for this purpose. After rewriting for content and minor edits, your book is ready to go to a professional editor. If you are only going to splurge on one thing for your book, we suggest that you make it high quality professional editing.

While you’re writing, and rewriting, your book, you should get in contact with an artist to work on your cover art. The cover of your book will be what competes with every other book on the shelf and is what will draw people’s attention, get them to read your synopsis, and buy your book. The cover art should be representative of your story. If your book is going to be one of a series, keep that in mind when you design your cover. Your cover art will also be used to market your book.

This day and age social media is king. There are several different free ways to reach a mass amount of people such as blogs, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Depending on how you use them you can quickly, and with little to no cost, build interest for your book offering snippets, fun quizes, and even pre-selling copies of your book.

Finding a printer that does what you need it to for a price that you’re able to pay can feel like a hunt. There are some that have storage and third-party shipping options, and some that only print. Your goals for your book will determine what services will best suit your needs.

There are several different ways to sell books now-a-days. There are online retailers, face-to-face, and brick and mortar shops. Some authors prefer selling books face to face, selling at book fairs and signings. Others only publish e-books, therefore all of their sales and marketing are done online*. Another effective way of selling and marketing your book is to get into local libraries, book shops, and local vendor events, such as expos and other community events.

Always keep copies of your books with you when you go out. You would be surprised how many times you will strike up a conversation with someone and they’re interested in buying your book; how convenient would it be to hand them a copy on the spot? Another option to consider is making your book into an audio book, many people prefer to listen to books in the car and while doing work around the house. You don’t have to start out with every option of your book being available, but be aware and open to other variations.

No matter how grand or modest your goal, Marturia Publications is here to help you every step of the way! To get our Self-Publishing To-Do Check List sign up below for the FREE the PDF.


*Online book sales can also include paperback and hardcover copies of the book.

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