Step One: Writing a Rough Draft

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So, you’ve got an idea for a story, and you want to write it out. The best place to start is at the very beginning, writing your rough draft. It can be very intimidating to get started on what feels like such a daunting task. At Marturia we’re here to help you, no matter what you need.


Step one: Writing A Rough Draft


The most important part of this process is getting everything down on paper, or at least the nearest word document. Write out your entire idea. Wanna throw in a curve ball? Do it. Want to do some ‘what if’ scenarios? Go for it! Need to see whose perspective works better for certain scenes? Write them all out. Your rough draft is the time to try everything out; see what works best for your story. Even if, or most especially if, you think it’s a crazy idea. The crazier the better. Go. Crazy!


The rough draft is not the time to judge yourself. You never know when or how or where inspiration will strike. Write down every idea you get; play with each one, see what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes a random thought or idea or phrase can spawn an entire new idea and take your story to the next level. Explore everything to its fulfillment, let the story take you where it needs to go until it’s finished.


Getting and Keeping Inspiration


Don’t let yourself get bogged down, or overwhelmed with your story. Take some time away from it, let your mind wander. Sometimes, when facing an issue or conflict, the best way to figure it out is to distract your mind. Build inspiration boards, physical or digital. Google or Pinterest are great places to find and build profiles for characters, places, environments, or even your world.


Inspiration Board


Everything is up to you. You want your sky to be purple, humanoid creatures to be orange, landscape to be all desert where the people all live in underground bunkers; done. Angels and demons and demigods exist, cool. How? Answer all of your questions and build your world.


Remember the three R’s: Revise, Revise, Revise


There are no wrong answers, there is no wrong solution, there is no ‘no’. Write whatever comes to you, you will go back through and scrap what doesn’t work, or rework things so that they fit in with everything else. Don’t get attached to things that don’t work, but don’t get rid of them altogether. You can always rework it in some way into another part of your story, even if it’s just one line.


Your story will go through many many drafts and change considerably from what you started out writing. The rough draft is that base from which your story will emerge. A solid foundation will ensure that your story will be able to stand on its own and grow to fruition. As long as you have a solid starting point, you can build whatever you want to from that.


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