About Marturia

Self-publishing can be confusing, stressful, and lead to poor book sales when the competition on the shelf looks more professional. We help clear the confusion and ease your mind by preparing your book to meet market standards and stand out on the shelf so it attracts more readers.

Marturia is an ancient Greek word that means testimony. We care about your story and want to help you share it with as many people as possible by helping you publish your book, right. Your story is important. We think it’s about time we get it out there.

The Marturia Publications Team

bradny ange

Brandy Ange

Founder and CEO

Brandy is our founder and CEO, she is also the one who does all the interior file formatting and content feedback for our authors. As a self-published author herself, she understands the process and all of its frustrations, and joys.

Marturia Manager

Candice Leigh


Candice is your go to girl. As the project manager of our authors’ projects, she is there to encourage and support our authors, as well as make sure that our author’s manuscripts get to the right people for the work.


Phil Thomas


Phil is our graphic designer who is in charge of creating covers and logos that will grab the attention of readers. He’s the one who will get readers to pick your book up off the shelf and read that blurb on the back!


Debbie Broyles


Debbie is one of our lovely editors that make sure our authors don’t have to suffer the embarrassment of having a high school kid point out the wrong you’re/your on page four of their book!


Jo Elliott


Jo is another one of our lovely editors who will make sure that passed and past don’t get confused as to which should be in that sentence!