Marturia Self-Publishing Services

Marturia Publications is dedicated to helping authors like you succeed on their terms. Publish your book with confidence by letting us fill in the gaps where you could use some back up. There’s a lot that goes into self-publishing, we know! Let us take some of that stress off your plate!

Line Editing
A line by line edit of your manuscript to catch any grammar and spelling errors.
Content Feedback
Be confident that your characters are fully developed, there are no open plot holes, and your writing is clear and engaging.
Cover Design
Stand out on the shelf with a unique cover that is eye grabbing while also staying true to the tone of your story.
Need help hashing out your publishing game plan? Make sure you have all your bases covered by scheduling a call with one of our consultants. We will walk you through your "to do" check list so you can make sure you are fully prepared to publish! You can also ask any and all questions you may have about the process or industry so you can feel confident moving forward on your own. Sometimes all you really need is some validation and support!
Interior Print Ready File Formatting
From font, chapter headings, page numbers, body text, copyright pages, disclaimers, ISBNs, dedications, and images, we make sure everything is in its right and legal place, and meets market standards so your book doesn't "look" self-published.

Busy Author’s Package

Self-publishing is time consuming. If you’re struggling to get your book fully prepped for publication while juggling your day job, we get it! Bundle three or more of our services together and get a discount! Schedule a free consultation with us today to discuss your project!

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